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Thank You!

posted May 20, 2016, 11:30 AM by Tom Tianich
Thanks to everyone who helped make our Annie Jr. production a success. 

Thanks to the cast, whose talent and energy brought the show to life. 

Thanks to the backstage crew, those shadowy figures whose seamless choreography transformed our stage into such beautiful scenes. 

Thanks to our tech crew, who watched the show from behind scripts, light boards, sound consoles, and spots. 

Thanks to our costumers, who poured over knickers, hats, and gowns to create each character's unique wardrobe. 

Thanks to Shaun, whose late hours are very much appreciated. 

Thanks to M&Ms and Drama Mamas, whose patient and nurturing guidance brought happy young actors to the stage for every cue, and kept them safe and happy when not on stage. 

Thanks to Marc, Marshal, Tom and Drama Papas, whose invaluable expertise helped us work through the kinks.

Thanks to SBHS Drama Club and BMV Drama Club, whose insistence making Theatrical Arts just as important as other school subjects was validated by 1000+ tickets sold.

Thanks to Annie, for reminding us that Sun will come out tomorrow!

BMV Theatrical Guild, Inc. would like to thank you all for supporting our play and we hope to see you again next year.

PS. Please keep an eye on our website for images from the show, leftover items for sale and DVDs of the show when available.