About Us

Drama Club, This club allows students to explore various aspects of the performing arts. They will learn drama exercises, voice techniques, prop building, costuming, and work towards the production of a school play. Students within the club will have to audition for various parts in the production.

Sponsor: Ms. Nicole Murillo
Club Limit: 50
Grades: 4th-8th
Meetings: Thursdays, 3:45-5:30, weekly - Music Room
Students should bring a pencil for writing notes in their scripts.  They should also pack a snack, and dress for choreography on rehearsal days.

The BMV Theatrical Guild is the sole fundraising group that benefits the Drama Club at Beachside Montessori Village.  

We work in conjunction with the PTSA, Teachers & Administration at BMV to accomplish our goals.

The purpose and goals of the BMV Theatrical Guild is:

  • to make live theater accessible to all children
  • to enable young people to gain an appreciation for the arts
  • to increase self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of responsibility by providing an opportunity for children to participate in dramatic activities.
  • promote the theater & arts program through word-of-mouth, posters & fliers, and student performances 
  • to help lead the community by setting an example of volunteerism and involvement in school activities
  • to supplement our school’s budget by providing supplies and equipment that support our school’s Drama Club
  • to assist with production of the school plays (ie selling tickets, promotions, ushering, costume/make-up, etc)

2017-2018 BMV Theatrical Guild Board Members
  • President - Alana Michele Ginsburg-Horowitz
  • VP - Massel Abisror
  • Treasurer - Lily Booher
  • Secretary - Raelin Storey-Lohse
  • At-Large - Scott Krasick
  • At-Large - Barbie Stern
  • At-Large - Alison Ledbetter